I can film your event, anytime, anywhere.


I can film just about any sort of video that you need. Music videos, concerts, charity events, community events, parties, documentaries, etc. This service includes:


I will film your event from front to back, recording everything that I can. I will set up two cameras, one where the main event takes place, and a mobile camera so that I can film anything of interest around the event.


I can conduct, record, and edit interviews. Whether the interview is all I am doing, or if you want me to interview people attending your event.


I can film staff and people attending your event giving drops for the event. Example: "Hey, my name is Bob and we're at the Ocean City Barbeque."

Video Editing

After I am done filming the event I will bring the footage back to my studio. I will edit all of the raw footage into a video and I will send it to you via Google Drive, Dropbox, or another file storage site.